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Who is Randy Thompson?

Randy Thompson has shared Christ with thousands of people across the country through personal appearances at churches, camps, retreats, and concert settings. His ministry is extended around the globe via distribution of his 8 CD's & tapes.
Randy is a talented musician, songwriter, and recording artist whose unique ability to create an intimate atmosphere
in which others are brought face to face with Jesus Christ has been recognized by many.
His concerts are typically solo and acoustic in nature, and audiences love his candor, his humor, his personal transparency, and most of all his desire to make Christ the focus of his presentation.

Unlike so many Christian artists today, Randy isn't chasing a record contract or just large venues in which to minister.
His heart is for the small to medium sized churches which very often can't afford the costs involved in having
nationally known artists.

This doesn't mean he isn't talented. He has 8 albums to his credit and has 60,000 tapes and CD's in distribution throughout the US
and his music is played on radio throughout the country. The truth is, 90% of the churches in this country are 300 people and less
and this is where the ministry is taking place. Because of the intimacy and vulnerability of his presentation, it is the perfect venue
for Randy's ministry. It also means that his name is not a household word!

Check out the references page for what pastors as well as individuals have to say about his ministry.
His music is a very personal expression of what God has, and is doing in his life. The sharing between songs is focused
on the work of Christ at the cross and what that means for us today. Randy's goal, through his music and sharing,
is summed up in our ministry statement:

                      Through the message of the cross ...
                          ...encouraging others to a deeper relationship with Christ."