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The Vision & Distinctives
of Randy Thompson Ministries (RTM)

Randy Thompson Ministries was formed to allow for one thing:

...promote the music and ministry of Randy Thompson with Jesus Christ as the focus. We believe that Randy's music is a vehicle through which God challenges & encourages, people to a deeper relationship with Christ, and this has been proven over and over in the years he has been ministering.


  • Randy's focus is the small and medium sized churches.
    As I looked around I discovered that 90% of the churches in this country are 300 people and less. They can't afford to pay the prices that nationally known artists are forced to charge, but they are just as needy of ministry as the few large churches that can. I grew up and was lead to Christ in one of those small churches and I really feel that my ministry is valuable to them. My goal is to make available to churches, small or large, Christ-centered ministry. I sing in many large churches as well as the small ones and I believe that God is doing great things in both. I will sing wherever they let me share my faith in Christ! 
  • No set fee for Randy to come and minister at your church or function.
    This is probably one of the most distinctive aspects of how I have determined to do my ministry. I don't want money to be the determining factor in whether a church chooses to have me come. I believe that God put this ministry on my heart and He will provide for it. This ministry is operated totally on a gift basis. We don't charge a set fee for a church to have me come. I don't require a minimum love offering, and I don't sell tickets to concerts. This is a ministry and I don't think people should be obligated to pay for the opportunity to be ministered to.
  • There is no set price for the CD's & tapes.
    The CD's & tapes are available for what a person chooses to give or can afford. The CD's & tapes are not a product that I sell, but rather, an extension of my ministry. Those who believe in what I do, and have the means to be generous in their giving, make it possible for those who can't afford as much. No one will ever be denied the opportunity to aquire a tape or CD for lack of money.
  • Randy's foundation in a local church
    I have made a commitment to my local church and I have submitted my ministry to the Elders of that church. I believe very firmly that the local church is the institution out of which ministry grows. They are very aware of me and what I am doing and I trust them to be helping to give me direction. I also have a board of advisors of trusted men and women who I have given the freedom to speak into my life and encourage me and challenge me and hold me accountable for this ministry God has blessed me with. I also believe in the need to be plugged into the local church so that I am forced to continue to be involved in peoples lives and have them involved in mine. It is my conviction that in the atmosphere of community is where we truly live out our Christianity and become all that God would have us be. It cannot be done in isolation.

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