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Pastoral References

"If your mailbox is like mine, not a week goes by that you don't receive information from some ministry that would like to minister at your church. Without some personal reference, we don't know anything about the quality or integrity of these unsolicited requests, so most end up in the trash.I would like to tell you about a music ministry that is touched by the very hand of God. Randy Thompson is an exceptionally gifted singer and guitarist. His style is enjoyable to Believers of all ages. But I'm more impressed by this man's character than his talent. He has a humble spirit and a heart that yearns for God. Unlike so much of today's Christian music, the songs written and performed by Randy have depth. Much of his music focuses on the person of Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross. Should you have Randy minister at your church, you can rest assured that your flock will hear a powerful message crafted from the unchanging truths of God's Word.

Let me encourage you to prayerfully consider using Randy Thompson to minister to your congregation."

                                                       Pastor Ed Rowell - First Baptist Church, Snowflake AZ

"I am very pleased to recommend Randy Thompson and his ministry to you. Randy has ministered in two of the churches I have pastored, and he has used his exceptional musical talent to lift up the name of Jesus Christ as he has ministered. Randy does not "perform", but focuses his music, in his own personal and intimate style, on the person and work of Jesus Christ and the significance of His finished work on the cross. Randy is effective in communicating with any size of group, and is always sensitive to the needs of the people in attendance. He is also equally capable of communicating his message to non-Christians or to the Body of Christ. Randy's ministry is of the highest quality, and I know he would be a blessing to any fellowship or special gathering. I would heartily encourage you to invite him to come and minister to Your congregation.."

                                                       Pastor John Sloper - Mesa Free Methodist Church, AZ

"...we had the privilege of having Randy Thompson here in concert with us. I have to tell you it was one of the most inspiring concerts that I have ever had the privilege to be a part of. God anointed Randy's ministry through his music and through his sharing in a way that touched all of our people. He has such a beautiful style of using the scripture to portray the beautiful message of the gospel of Jesus Christ."

                                               Pastor Rick Hutchinson - First Church of the Nazarene, Phoenix

"I think you will find that not only, is Randy an excellent musician and songwriter but he ministers in a very refreshing, relational way during the concert. I highly recommend Randy to any church who desires to have a concert that will bless and challenge the saints and powerfully reach out to the unbelievers."

                                                         Pastor Steve Bombaci - Elim Chapel San Diego, CA

"Although Randy's music is exceptional and the words he writes are packed With meaning, I am convinced what makes Randy's music unique is his spirit. He is a young man who loves Jesus Christ very much and that love comes out in his music. Without question, your church would benefit from having Randy minister to you."

                                                        Pastor Dan King - Sun Valley Baptist Church, Phoenix

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Personal References

"You have helped me to ignite my desire to become closer to Jesus, Your music is wonderful and it really ministered to my heart." Seana

"You have had a big part in me not throwing in the towel on my relationship with Christ." Amy

"Once again God has used your music to help bring my focus back to Him. What a blessing your music is during those really tough times. Thank you! - for using your gifts to touch countless others:" Missy

"Randy, your music is such a blessing and thank you for sharing your gift in a way which exalts the Lord." Kirk

"Randy, you are an inspiration and you have instilled excitement in me about knowing Jesus Christ" Cameron

"Thanks so much for not only your inspiring lyrics but your straight from the heart articles in RTfacts in your series on the Beatitudes! I'm speaking specifically about the article 'For Mercy's Sake, Will You Do Something?". The article has touched my heart so much that I've shared it with my friends and family members in different states." Kent

"Randy, it is so encouraging listening to my 8 & I I year old sons singing your songs with all the other choices of music out. They know all the words to 3 of your tapes. Your in our family prayers." The Zach Pack

"I must say, I have yet to hear any music or lyrics that praises God as your music does:" Dave

Your ministry has made a difference in my walk with the Lord." Laurie

"You don't personally know me, but you have met me. I thank God today that you have sang at Grand Canyon Baptist Church .... and at the Tusayan Mission church too. That mission to the Spanish speaking community is so very special to me. You see, now I am a journeyman missionary with the Southern Baptist Convention in Mali, West Africa. Mali, especially where I live in "the bush" is a difficult place to serve. All the modern conveniences are non-existent... But I still have my tape player & batteries. Tonight as I sit in Mali missing Arizona, the Southwest & especially all of God's people that I love there I listen to your tape. What encouragement is truly brought to my heart. I thank and Praise God tonight for your music ministry, your love of music, and willingness to share, your gift. I just wanted to let you & your wife know that your ministry is appreciated by a listener in Mali." Lisa

"I heard you sing on the UW- Eau Claire Campus, and your music, really touched me. You sang a song who's chorus said something about "It was Jesus all along". The song said exactly what my heart was feeling, & I nearly cried - someone feels the same way I do. I get very discouraged at a secular campus at times.... I also really appreciated your "method" in sharing Christ's love." Bernadette

"Thank you so much for blessing us with your wonderful music and message. My life was changed so much after you were here last year. I accepted the Lord after I heard your message. I will always be so grateful to you for sharing yourself with us. You are a God-send." Missy

"I am writing to thank you for coming to Faith Community Church in Menomonie. (Wisconsin) Though I was visiting for the first time I felt very welcomed. Like you I grew up in church...... During our 15 years of marriage we fell away from both the church and the true fellowship with the Lord.... something about what you said hit just the right chord with me. I got down on my knees when I got home and rededicated my life to Christ.... I want to thank you for coming and making a difference in my life." Kim

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