1. Lost World
2. Prodigal
3. Clay Vessels
4. You're the One
5. When I Survey
6. The Denial
7. If You Hear Me
8. Because of Your Love
9. Afraid of the Dark
10. All I Ever Wanted


Produced by Andy R. Seagle & Randy Thompson.

Released in 1993. ©copyright 1993 Randy Thompson Ministries, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Reg. ASCAP

"I haven't arrived. I want to be all that Jesus intended me to be and I'm not there yet. But against all odds, I'm going to press on. And I won't stop until I've grabbed hold of every dream Jesus had for me when He grabbed hold of a man named Randy Thompson. The essence is this: I'm still a sojourner in this life of following the Shepherd. I haven't figured it all out. I'm still searching out the riches I've inherited in Christ. Every day I have to forget what's behind me--- wanderings, victories, accomplishments --- and keep reaching for what lies ahead. I keep moving forward, because I know that the eternal things, the things Jesus' died to give me, are far greater than what I am willing to settle for. This is my pilgrimage." 
(Phillipians 3:12-14)