1.The Way You Said It Would
2. Standing in the Wreckage
3. Once Upon a Cross
4. Some Say
5. My Everything, My All
6. The Angels Sing
7. We Call You Father
8. Matchless Grace
9. Is There Something I Could Say?

Once Upon A Cross:

Produced by Kellan Fluckiger & Randy Thompson.

Released in 1990. ©copyright 1990 Randy Thompson Ministries, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Reg. ASCAP

This album continues to be very popular and contains some of the most requested songs Randy performs in concert. This was released at the same time that Randy Thompson Ministries was started and has received a lot of air play. The song "The Angels Sing" was chosen by popular vote as the 'Best New Christmas Song' in a contest conducted by the 'Phoenix Gazette' in 1994.