Manna From Heaven
Matchless Grace
My Everything My All
My House

Manna From Heaven
by Randy Thompson

Well it's come the time to take a good long look at where we are
Standing in this wilderness alone
Knowing God has freed us from the bondage of our past
He's chosen us to be His very own
Before us stands a promised land
That's rich beyond our dreams
We can't begin to comprehend it's beauty
All we have to do now is trust Him and believe
He knows our fear but He's made it clear

We've got everything we need
We've got Manna from heaven
And He satisfies our thirsting with the water from the rock
And He leads us to the promised land behind the clouds of Glory
Knowing He's living in my heart

We've seen Him do so many things we've never seen before
But there's still a few who say we should turn back
They would settle for so little when He's offered so much more
They're possesed by all the worldly things they lack

Knowing God has promised that He's working for our good
He did'nt bring us out here just to leave us
If we're hungry now, it's not because He didn't give us food
Our faith will grow as we come to know


From slavery and bondage He's shown us the way
All we have to do now is just follow
And leave behind the empty schemes
Of a world that's gone astray
There's so much more

So it's come the time to take a good long look
At where we are
Aliens and strangers on this earth
Hated and rejected by a world we left behind
Another kingdom now is ours by birth

Believing that our treasures are just on the other side
We know there's nothing this world has to offer
All we have to do now is trust Him and abide
He'll bring us home
We're not alone


© Copyright 1986 Randy Thompson Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Matchless Grace
by Randy Thompson

As I come here before You Lord
I'm so aware You can see right through me
All the thoughts and intensions of my heart
You know so well
If I gave You my worldly wealth
It would mean nothing to You
All I have to offer is my need

I can't begin to comprehend
This mighty love that moves You
It's more than I can understand
I'll praise You forever
With every breath I take
Knowing You guide every word I say

And I'll never know the depths of this matchless grace
I only know it goes deeper and deeper
And it's greater than all my every need
And Your love it surrounds me Lord
And I just want to wrap myself in it
Knowing it's only by Your matchless grace it can be
That You love me

You've given life to me
You give me love unmeasured
You give me hope beyond compare
You're always there
You know my every desire
You show Your strength in my weakness
You are the Love of my soul
More than I can know


©Copyright 1990 Randy Thompson Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved.

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My Everything, My All
By Randy Thmpson

Lord, forgive me when I weary
Of all the things You'd have me do
My spirit is willing
But my flesh is weak Lord
Teach me to keep my eyes on You

Lord, when the waves break all around me
And the storm is more than I can bear
Help me to know Lord
That I am not forgotten
Help me to know that You are there

Lord, You are my strength You are my fortress
You light the way Of the path I walk
You are the Rock of my salvation
The beginning, the end My everything, My all

Lord, this world can be such a sad place
And at times I feel I can't go on
So I bow and I pray
In the darkness that surrounds me
And I find the strength to carry on


©1986 Randy Thompson Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved.

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My House
by Randy Thompson

My House is built
On nothing less than Jesus
I wouldn't let it rest on shifting sand
And when the rains come down
And the wind blows against it
I know that in my house
I'll safely stand

For I believe that He is able to keep everything I have committed
Unto Him against that day
I didn't put my treasures on Earth they're in heaven
I put 'em there where no one can get 'em
And if you think I'm foolish
Here's what I'll say


Jesus is the Son Of God, He is my Savior, He's Immanuel
The Way, the Truth, the Life
I will follow wherever He leads me
And I will go wherever He sends me
He's the only way, can't live without Him 'cause


©Copyright 1978 Randy Thompson Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved. Reg. ASCAP

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