Ears To Hear

by Randy Thompson

Two men walk along a dusty road they’d walked before
Heads were bowed in quiet contemplation
But the silence was broken by words left unspoken
And the questions are still ringing in their ears

Thinking of a lifetime they had spent in chasing dreams
Driven by some long forgotten vision
But the dreams they were shattered
Broken and battered
And all of their passions now denied There is so much more that they can never know
How could they be so far and yet so near
There is so much more that they don’t understand
They don’t have the ears to hear

Our lives are just a moment in the web of time and space
We live it out by passion or by reason
With glimpses of glory we write out the story
And justify the means by the ends

Where is the method in the madness
Where are the words that make it rhyme
Who can see beyond this sadness
Why must we go on so blind
There is so much more that I can say to you
There’s so much more I really want to share
There is so much more that I can tell to you
Do you have the ears to hear?

We are all just travelers upon this dusty road
In a journey that will take us to forever
What we choose to believe what we deny what we receive
Is the only power man will ever know


©Copyright 1982 Randy Thompson Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved.