Dawning of a New Day
Did You See Him Die?

Dawning of a New Day
by Randy Thompson

Jesus walked this earth a short two thousand years ago
And the people followed Him not knowing
Who He really was or where He would go
They wanted just to see the miracles He was showing

Jesus fed the hungry with His words and loaves of bread
And He cared when they were crying
And for this they hung Him on a cross 'till He was dead
And they thought it was over with His dying

But Mary went to see Him one last time on Sunday Morn'
And she found the stone was rolled away and He wAs gone
And she thought that they had stolen the body away
But Mary saw the dawning of a new day

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Did You See Him Die?
by Randy Thompson

Did you see Him die?
Did you hear Him call to heaven
With an anguished “Why
“My God, have You forsaken me?”

Did you see the wounds,
And see the flesh where the nails were driven
To hold Him there above the world where soon
His heart would break and His blood would cover me?

God I can’t deny
A love so far beyond my knowing
That you would choose to die
In shame to rescue me when I didn’t even know that I was lost

Could you see the thorns
Pierce His head in mocking cruelty?
And see His flesh in anger torn,
The scars by which our healing would be bought

Did you feel the cold
When the darkness fell around Him
A loneliness that no one in the world has ever known
For one eternal moment though He could have walked away He stayed for me


God I’ll never know
The depths of love that drove You to abandon
Heaven’s glory for a cross where You would go
In shame to rescue me when I didn’t even know that I was lost

©Copyright 2002 Randy Thompson Ministries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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