1.Talk About Jesus
2. One Step
3. My House
4. Home To Glory
5. Lonely
6. Of Sparrows and Lilies
7. You're Gonna Miss Him
8. Trust Me
9. Jesus Touched Me
10. Come To Jesus

Jesus Touched Me

Produced by Randy Thompson.

Released in 1978. ©copyright 1978 Randy Thompson Ministries, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Reg. ASCAP

This was my first recording attempt. I went in and handed the studio owner $400 and the engineer sat me down in front of two mics and I sang the songs. After two days of recording I walked out with my first album and thought that if I was able to sell all 100 tapes in my lifetime I would be a happy camper. Since that day to this I have continued to be amazed that God would honor my desire to share my faith with my gifts and talents, and this album is a constant reminder. I still get frequent requests for it and people still tell me that it ministers to them.