1. Jesus In Me
2. Who Has The Answer
3. Peter Walked on the Water
4. A Mother's Song
5. Lord Take Me
6. Who Has Ears to Hear
7. Calm The Storm
8. Manna From Heaven
9. In Remembrance
10. I'm So Glad

In Remembrance

Produced by Bernie Rolfe & Randy Thompson.

Released in 1986. ©copyright 1986 Randy Thompson Ministries, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Reg. ASCAP

This album has proven to be a very popular over the years. It contains some very personal songs that came out of some very hard experiences. "A Mother's Song" was written around the experience of my sister Patty's death in a car accident, and watching my Mother struggle with her faith as no other experience could have forced her to. "Calm the Storm" & "Lord Take Me" are very personal prayers that grew out of my own struggles with faith. These experiences proved to be some of the most significant times of growth in my walk with Christ and my hope is that everytime I sing them that they will find their mark in other peoples hearts who are going through their own valleys.